Is the vSeeBox v2 Pro the Best Android IPTV

July 24, 2023

A member had called because they purchased a vSeeBox from a neighbor and the person who sold it couldn’t figure out how to make it work in there house. I made a house call to help set it up and found it quite interesting. Of course I got it to work, that part was easy.…

Build an SMS Subscription Service

July 7, 2016

Have you seen I wanted to experiment with the plugin I wrote about in my last post and see if I could make something similar. What did I build: A subscription based service to send daily motivational or de-motivational text messages to the number of your choosing. The steps below is a rough highlight…

Create a Form that will Send a Coupon by Text/SMS

May 14, 2016

There was a question on the OC WordPress Facebook Group about sending a coupon via a text message from a WordPress website. Normally I would say “let’s find a Gravity Forms solution” and I went down that road. I found a couple posts by Chris Lema here and here. But I then I thought that Roy might…

Mental Health Minute

April 15, 2016

Mental Health is always swept under the rug. How do we past that and bring it to a forefront? Do you know anyone who suffers from Mental Illness / Depression / Bipolar / or.. Check out this site by Ed Finkler -> Open Sourcing Mental Illness. Ed is giving talks to companies and conferences on the…

Business Websites are Dead

April 13, 2016

Websites are Dead, you don’t need a custom built website with your own domain name. I saw this article on Facebook of all places “The Fallacy of Dead Or Alive Marketing” Scott Stratten of UnMarketing. It’s a great read but I’ll sumize with this: No marketing tactic/channel is dead, nor are any alive. It’s what…

New Site for the Portfolio

April 10, 2016

David Haberer was in need of a simple site to feature some of his work. Goals: Simple, Cost Effective, Mobile Friendly Platform: WordPress Theme: Altitude Pro by StudioPress Plugins: Gravity Forms and FooGallery Site: See more of my porfolio -> Need Web Help Porfolio  

Full Video Background Landing Page with Genesis & Beaver Builder

April 3, 2016

I was thinking it would be neat (it’s been done before) to create a lead gen type of landing page with a video background. What I used: Beaver Builder Genesis Dambuster How I set the page settings before setting up the page with Beaver Builder Step 1: Create page and set template to Landing Page…

Filter Genesis Navigation Menu to be 1 level on Home Page Only

March 30, 2016

A friend was asking how to make the Header Navigation on the Genesis theme Altitude Pro only be 1 level on the home page but show all the levels on the interior pages. Here is how I suggested it be done The inspiration came from Bill Erickson’s post on Customizing Menu Arguments. I just…

I bought a theme and it looks nothing like the demo

March 28, 2016

I see this statement pop up from time to time on Facebook and in Facebook groups. I do understand and I feel your pain. Why are people upset? I see this all the time when someone goes and buys a theme or child theme of a framework and then they expect it to magically look…