Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) is coming.

What is OGA?

OGA = Office Genuine Advantage

Do you hate the Validation checks for anything you download from Microsoft? Well get ready for more because today Microsoft rolled out the first part of OGA to validate Office 2007. Starting today, any Office Online templates downloaded from within the Office 2007 Microsoft Office System applications will require validation of legitimacy.

Similarly, starting in January, users of Office Update will have to validate the legitimacy of their Office software before they can use the service. This will include Office 2003.

Microsoft said in a press statement that the validation process will be “quick and simple” for users. The OGA program, currently in the testing phase, is now available in 26 languages worldwide.

Why should you know about this?

Two reasons

1. If you have a pirated version you will not be able to update your Office Suite.
2. If you are one that updates your Office Suite be ready for more annoying Validation Checks.

What should you do?

Well the RIGHT thing to do is to go and buy your own copy of Office.

What should you really do?

Most likely nothing since 95% of the people out there I have met have Never updated their Office software, nor have they downloaded any free templates from the Office site. So for now just keep on your merry way and when you want to get Office 2007 go and buy it.

Loren Nason
Your Local Tech

Source = PCWorld

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