Halloween Technology Horror Story

It all started in the pumpkin patch that night.

I was enjoying a night out with the family waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. After hours of waiting and a no show from the Great Pumpkin we decided to call it a night and go home.

“That’s strange” I thouht to myself walking up the path to the house. All the lights are off but my neighbors lights are on. “Great!” I exclaimed, the main breaker blew, where is my flashlight.

As I tripped over crap on the side of the house to get to the breaker box all I could think was “CRAP, what else can go wrong?!” I should never have let that thought pass through my head.

With the?power back on I make my way into the house to see if anything is fried. The TV works so I pause for a show and I get sucked into the TV for hours and now its time for bed. Oh well I’ll get that work done in the morning, time for sleep.

Throughout the night I toss and turn with nightmares about loosing my mind and being terrorized by demons. What little did I know was that these nightmares would come true that morning.

I awoke and went into the home office to start the day. Answering emails, sending emails, update calendar and check the RSS Feeds. “Oh Crap!” I yell out the computer won’t boot. Well thats ok I’ll use the laptop for now to check my email. Thinking its just a minor glitch I call Loren and he comes over that afternoon to inspect my computer.

Now the nightmare of loosing my mind comes true. Loren tells me that my hard drive is toast, it was probably scared to death when the breaker was flipped off by the Great Pumpkin. “GREAT, JUST GREAT!” I exclaimed,?”I had my Farm for the past 7 years on there. Loren, What am I going to do?”

Loren was great he tried to rebuild the machine but in the process found that the motherboard was also fried and the computer was too old to fix, so he suggested that I buy a new one.

Now I know the nightmare is true. I was told that not only was the computer junk the harddrive was damaged in such a way that Loren was not able to recover the data. But he had a partner company that could recover it but the process was not cheap. He would take it to them and call me with a quote.

Loren called that evening and gave me the good news and the bad news. The good news is that the data IS recoverable but the bad news is that its going to cost over $500 smackers.

Now my nightmare is over and my data is recovered. I should have listened when Loren told me if I backup my data my butt will be covered.

This story is true.

The product I recommended to this Agent was Carbonite.
For 5 bucks a month they will backup an unlimited amount of data from your computer. The catch? Its a per computer charge and the unlimited amount has a theoretical ceiling of 50gigs (most people don’t have that much)

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