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Last week I showed you google’s new app that gives access to your gmail account from any PDA type phone or smart phone.?Link – Gmail on Phone

Now this new app in beta brings synchroization of your Gmail Calendar to your Palm or Windows based phone. With both of these products the world is on the verge of making a Hosted Exchange account un-necessary.


GooSync is a free application?to synch up your Google Calendar with your mobile device calendar? It’s actually a free service that acts like an Exchange Server?for you calendar data only. You simply register for the GooSync service; once you’re all set up, your device will connect to the GooSync server?and shoot your Google Calendar information right to your handheld’s calendar.

GooSync also supports phones from Nokia, SonyEricsson, Audiovox, Motorola and more.

Why is this something to pay attention to?

I recommend to all agents who want the ultimate email solution is to use a Hosted Exchange Solution. I will be covering this technology in the next few months.

BUT, with all the tools/apps for Gmail my suggestions could change. This is because you can actually get Gmail to manage the email for your domain. What do I mean? You can get google to host your email for you for free. Then once you have that you can check your email from your phone and sync your calendar. Soon I hope you will be able to sync your contacts. Once this happens you can get the same experience from?a Hosted Exchange account but use google and save money.

We will cover more email solutions in the coming weeks.

Loren Nason
Your Local Tech

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