Are you Judged by your Tech Skills? – Yes!

Whether you know it or not you ARE judged by your technology knowledge. You should already know that consumers are turning to the internet to do research.

So how do your buyers/sellers assess whether you are tech-savvy?

The old rule of thumb is if you had a website and you were available by email was enough for almost everyone. But this is a changing landscape and just having a Website and being available by email is now NOT enough.

What is becoming more important is how your website ranks, what kind of website it is, and instead of just having and email it is important?what your address is and how quickly you respond to it.

What I am going to talk about now is your email address.

What is your email address? Is it: or

If it is this is NOT good, and you need to get another email address. You probably already have your own domain name ex: what you need to start doing is using an email address that correlates with the website address that you promote yourself with.

What am I talking about?

I will use me as an example – My main business is
My email address is loren
I also respond to email sent to me from loren or

Here is another example that I use a lot with my Realtor Customers.

If you were going to Tiffanys to shop for a diamond ring and you wanted?to contact the sales Rep Jack that you were talking with in the store by email, would you want to email or

It used to not matter but now it does, because your email address tells people what company you are from. So are you and employee of AOL or are you from ?

This weekend I will be giving a tutorial of how to get your email hosted for free by Google.

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