Free Hosting for Email and Web – Google Apps for your Domain

I’ve been telling you that it is important to have your email be a professional address such as . But you also want to keep you costs as low as possible.

For as long as it has been available I have been the Choir Boy of Hosted Exchange and singing its praises. I STILL am a firm believer in a Hosted Exchange solution for all small business. BUT for the real estate agent or the small business who needs to save money and is willing to embrace bleeding edge tech here is the ultimate solution.

You can choose any combination of these Google services
Gmail – Offer email to your members with 2 gigabytes of storage per account, search tools to help them find information fast, and instant messaging built right into the browser.

What does this mean?

You can get Gmail for you domain plus others.

So if you like the Gmail interface you can now have it for your domain.

The next article will discuss how to set it up for any domain.

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