Supra eKEY now for Windows Mobile – Confirmed at PWAoR

Last month I wrote about Supra e-Key being available form all Windows Mobile based phones.

I called PWAoR for a customer on Wednesday and I have confirmed for all of you So Cal and possibly all California REALTORS that you can know have the Supra eKEY application loaded on your Windows Mobile Based PDA or Phone.

Why is this great?

Because it means for all of you who HATE Palms you can now switch to a Windows PDA or Windows Phone.

Does this mean that Windows PDA’s or Windows Phones are better?

Yes and No. Its a matter of opinion. I am a windows phone junkie. I have NEVER owned a palm since they came out some 10 odd years ago. I can’t stand the Palm interface and its just a personal preference.

Do I recommend a Windows Based Phone?

Yes. Windows based phones have come around in the Past 5 years and are very stable enough now to where i don’t want to throw it at the wall. And you can do MUCH more on a Windows based phone than you can do on a?Palm.?

One other Reason – Hosted Exchange syncs better than Windows PDA’s than with a Palm.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology


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