Top Producer for Windows Mobile and Blackberry

This is news to me but may not be news to everyone.

I was on the phone with Top Producer today helping a customer (agent) and he has a pocket pc phone. We were trying to get it to work with Top Producer Sellphone. Yes we got it to work, yes it sucked.

Top Producer SellPhone is great for a standard cell phone with a WAP browser. But Pocket PC phones (Winblows Mobile) uses IE so we had to enter a special http address to access Top Producer SellPhone. It works but its kludgey.

Getting to the point.

The support rep on the phone said that there is a Windows Mobile and Blackberry sync client in beta right now and the plan is to release it in January.

So for you Top Producer users that want to ditch the Palm and go Windows Mobile you can have your Top Producer data and have Supra eKey soon.

Side note.
I do not recommend Top Producer but I won’t say its a crappy product either. I just thing that most agents don’t need it because they don’t use it to its fullest capabilities and then becomes a waste of money.

If you are one of those that don’t use all the features then just switch to Outlook.

I will have more articles about CRM (customer relationship management) apps soon.

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