Technology SUCKS!

All technology sucks!

Why do I feel that way.

Just because I had a long week of dealing with stupid problems that there is no reason why it happened.

Most technology out there is just bull sh!t stupid stuff that doesn’t do a darn bit of good and will frustrate the hell out of you just freaking against the wall. Or here is a great idea, beat the living crap out of the device in question with a 50 pound sledgehammer. Can you say Office Space? 🙂

This week was fairly ok except for one customer who started having power problems with their server. It started last week and every night the stupid server would just shut off. Yes it was on a UPS. The most logical solution was a combination of a bad battery and power problems in the wall (they have had power problems before). So over the next few days I would try different things removing UPS changing wall outlets, until yesterday when spent the better part of 4 hours just moving crap around brought down a new UPS, and a spare power supply. Of course I didn’t check the power supply until the very end and of course it was the problem. The power supply fan burned out and was causing the power supply to over heat and shut off. And we finally figured out why it was at night, the AC in the office gets shut off at night and the temps go up in the office making the problem worse.

To sum it up – I should have checked the freakin power supply sooner.

Yes even technology guys have bad days when they can’t find the stupid problem.

PS. – This is a small firm, 4 people, without a technology budget so the hardware in question is not the best out there, its more of a hodge podge and I did not put this network together. I inherited this customer after the previous vendor wiped out (formatted) the CEO’s Harddrive without removing the data first. CEO had to send the Harddrive out for recovery at a cost of 1000.00

Thanks for listining to me vent.
We will return to the regular scheduled subjects on the next post.


Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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  1. lynn west on October 17, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    like, dude…. i’m a realtor and remember the days when you’d just have someone do your flyer, mailing, ect. it was so creative. you’d have the idea and someone else would make it happen. is suppose you can still do that but it seeems you are supposed to know how to do all this crap.the phone would ring and like you’d have up calls, talk to people and show houses. now everything is complicated and removed. “do not call” people like look forever on the internet. i’m so out of it. but will walk on with home in my heart or click on. i really like seeing and talking to people. lynn west

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