Print to any printer from anywere? Use Print Anywhere.

Sorry i haven’t posted lately. I haven’t really found anything to write about. Now I have a few articles I am working on and this is the first.

Have you ever wanted to print something from the road to a printer not hooked up to you? I have but only a few times. If you ever run into this situation go check out Print Anywhere.

This is a neat little program. It is free currently.

What can it do?
The best use is you can install it on 1 pc and print to another PC with a printer and you can do this when your not near that other PC. Example: You are out with your laptop and you want to print a document back at the office for somebody else. If you had this product installed on the PC at work with the printer connected and then install this on your laptop you can now connect to the printer at the office.

Try it your self.
Install the app and create account and then print something to me. After you install the application you can search for shared printers. I have shared out my PDF printer (prints to PDF instead of Paper).

My user id is 344157
My nickname is lorennason (i know real original)

Is this something you need NOW?
Probably not.
Is this something you should pay for.
Definitely not.

I can’t see much valud to this except that it is neat.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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