Real Estate Technology Gift Guide

Santa is coming and here is a guide of things that you might like chosen by me.

Number 1
Stowaway XT Portable Keyboard for USB = $99.99
This is great for Pocket PCs , Treo’s, and Slate PC (Motion Computing)

Number 2
If you don’t have a DVD burner get this portable one.
Targus USB 2.0 DVD/CD-RW Slim External Drive = $179.99

Number 3
A new computer – MAKE IT A TABLET PLEASE 🙂
I will probably being buying a new Fujitsu or Toshiba early next year

Number 4
More Power
Check out this portable battery packs
Power Pad

Number 5
Laser Etch my laptop

Number 6
80gig iPod = $349.99

Number 7
A CRM app that works for Realtors and actually syncs with multiple devices and software applications.

Number 8
A new website hosted by Ubertor.

Number 9
Electronic Signature Package from VREO.

Number 10
Stop using a free email address and act like a professional and use a professional email address. Example i use not
How to fix this:
Get a GMAIL hosted email solution.
Get a Hosted Exchange Solution.
Get a FREE TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT (Shameless Plug for myself 🙂 )
Merry Christmahanakwanza

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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