Restoration CD’s – NEVER LOSE THEM

Today’s lesson the day.

NEVER LOSE?or MISPLACE your Restoration CD’s that come with your?computer
Also when you order a new computer MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THEM.

Why you ask?

Because you need these incase you ever have to rebuild / reinstall your?computer.

If you don’t have them you will?have to call some?Jack A$$ in Jakarta, India and hope the know what the hell your talking about until they find what you want, and then hopefully you get the right part.

I am on the phone right now with some moron from HP and hopefully they?get me the right part. If this was a?Dell this wouldn’t be a problem since i have MANY dell restoration CD’s / DVD’s?and they work on ANY dell computer.


Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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