Real Estate Technology New Years Resolution

As we close out this year have you made your technology plan / resolution?

If not here is some suggestions.

Resolution #1 – Have a plan for your technology.
Don’t buy it because someone says you should.
Don’t buy it because it will make you more money (it won’t)
When you buy your software / hardware look for interoperability. Don’t buy a Treo thinking you can keep your contacts sync’d with your Hotmail contacts. Don’t buy a Contact Management Solution thinking you can make it work with your cheap $50 dollar nokia phone that doesn’t do anything but make phone calls.

Moral – Plan out every aspect don’t just buy it.

Resolution #2 – If you are buying a new computer make it a Laptop or Tablet PC
The is no need anymore to have your main PC be a desktop computer. With the advances in wireless technologies and the availability of internet access for almost anywhere / including the beach. Do you need a Tablet PC? No. Why not? Because you don’t need a Tablet PC to do electronic signatures. I will have a tutorial from Kevin Boer at
3 Oceans Real Estate where he explains how to use Docusign soon.

Their are many ways to start using your domain for you email and one is free. See my google apps article here.

Resolution #4 – Upgrade your website to include a blog and start writing.
Look into these Vendors for you blogging needs

Ubertor – A great website blog all in one solution
RSS Pieces – A blogging platform created for Realtors
Real Estate Blog Sites – Another?plaform created for Realtors

Resolution #5 – Shameless Self Plug – Get a FREE TECHNOLOGY ASSESMENT

See you next year.

Loren Nason

Future of Real Estate Technology



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