Something you may not know about WiFi

Do you have problems with your Wireless connection from your laptop / desktop to your wireless router? Does your signal drop off and then reconnect? Does your wireless show its connected but doesn’t seem to work?

Their are 2 reasons why you have this problem.

1. Hardware problems – Router is going bad is the most common problem.
2. Interference – This is happens ALL THE TIME.

If you don’t have signal interference and your router is more than a year old then replace your router. I like Linksys brand myself.

If your router is brand new then lets look at where interference can come from.

1. Did you know that your microwave can knock out your Wifi?
Microwaves emit the same frequency as wireless networks – 2.4Ghz
Some microwaves are worse than others – I have seen the most problems with Panasonic Microwaves. To test if this is the problem turn on the microwave and see whats happens to your signal. If your signal degrades or drops then here is one of your problems.

2. Wireless phones that operate at 2.4Ghz will interfere with your wireless network.
To test this pick up the phone and call someone and see if you can still get to the internet. If this causes problems get a new phone system that operates in either the 5.8Ghz or 900Mhz Frequencies.

Those are the two main products that interfere with wireless networks. Other problems can be distance, walls, TREES, plants, bluetooth headsets, and who knows what else.

The main point I want to make is that wireless is the greatest thing to have but it is a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ARSE also. If you need a solid connection that never fails then just plugin to the wired network.

Be wireless, Be Free, and most of all Don’t Panic

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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