Palm delivers Direct Push to Palm OS

If you have a Windows Mobile 5 phone and you have an Exchange Server or Hosted Exchange account you have been enjoying Direct Push for some time now. You have also enjoyed snickering at Blackberry (Crackberry)?users because you can do what they do at less cost.

On Monday Jan 29th the update will be available as a free download for Treo 680 and 700p owners. Unfortunately this won’t be for all Treo’s so those of you with a 600 or 650 will be left out of the Direct Push love.

What is Direct Push. (not a technical description)
Direct Push is a way for Pocket PC phones (and now Treo’s) to get instant notification of email from an Exchange server and to also syncronize your contacts, calendar, and tasks.

Think of like how a Blackberry gets instant email. Instead of using a blackberry you can now have your Treo with all your Realtor goodings and still get email / calendar / contacts / task syncronization to a Hosted Exchange or Corporate Exchange server.

Do you really need an Exchange server or Hosted Exchange account and this update.
Yes and no. Currently (if my memory serves correctly) the Treo can already syncronize the email on your exchange server and you can also use VersaMail to check POP accounts.

So is this a must have option NOW? Only if you think it will help you.

[Info from Engadget & PhoneScoop]
Press Release here

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