Why should you blog?


First of all I am not a blogging consultant. I am a Technology Mentor, I teach you how to use your technology and how to get out of it what you wanted.

Last week I had a customer (Scott this is for you) ask me what he should do for with his websites. My first answer was to cancel all the hosting accounts for his other websites and then point them to his main website (just to get them out of the way for now). Then what to do with his main site? Well turn that into a blog.

His answer was I don’t have time to write and why should he blog.

Before giving you reasons lets discuss who your target market. Blogs market the tech/web savy people of today. They do not reach everyone.

Where have you received your business from last year? Will you be able to get business from that same group of people this year? If you need more leads the only way to get it on the internet or from your sphere of influence. If you want leads from the internet you need to blog.

A blog is the soft sell. Give them all the information they want and they will remember you.

Reason 1 -?Customers do not want to come to your website if it is stale. Customers crave info and want constant info. A blog gives you a way to keep your website fresh.

Reason 2 – If you blog it keeps your website fresh (constant info) and it gives search engines reasons to spider (index) your site over and over again. This gives your site more visibility to people searching for you. In other words you can get higher in the organic search results with out having to pay for ads.

Reason 3 – Blogging can make people trust you. The more you write about your area the more you will be seen as someone who knows the area and can become the go to person.

Here is a blog for the Orange County, CA area.


One thing I DON’T like about this blog is that it is a blatant hard sell for leads.

Here is a blog that is not about the hard sell.


Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology



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