Will technology make you more money


I was meeting with a customer yesterday and he asked me, “Is there anything new coming out that is a must have product?”

My answer? Nope, nothing that is a “Have to get it NOW”

This was a valid question and it is the reason I am writing this post.

There will never be any technology either hardware or software that will be have a must have it NOW product.

Now there is 1 exception to this rule.

By that product your looking at NOW if it will help you immediately or very soon make you a more effecient person in your business.

There is one product I can think of and that would be Hosted Exchange. This agent uses a Hosted Exchange account provided by your truly and he loves this product. I wrote about hosted exchange a little while ago. Its the ultimate sync for outlook. But enough about that I’m not trying to push it and it doesn’t fit everyone’s needs.?And one more, Stop using free email services. Use your own domain for your email.

Instead of buying a new piece of software or hardware that supposedly will help you make more money focus on learning to use the products you have to their fullest. This will cost you only time, unless you have me come out and show you how to use it.

Spend some time reading, learning, using your technology to become more efficient at your processes.

In the end this will make you more money because you will have more time to take on more listings or write more offers for your buyers.

Ask me a question on any product.

All blog comments get free answers 🙂

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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