ISP’s (internet service providers) – who do you choose

I get asked this question a lot.

Who should I use to get internet at my house / home office.

Well the first answer is if you only have one choice in your area then thats your only choice.

The second answer is do you have a choice between Cable or the Phone company? If so I always recommend the cable company.

Why, you ask?



Because all phone companies are absolute freaking morons and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing because the freaking brain took the last train out of town.

Today i spent 2 hours on the phone with ATT/SBC/Yahoo/retards WHATEVER THEY WANT TO CALL THEMSELVES. Trying to figure out why a DSL line install was cancelled. The first person told me it was because the company had tranfered their service to another vendor BULL SH!T. The next person told me it was because they didn’t pay their bill BULL SH!T it was a brand new account. Finally I got someone that thinks we found a reason and that reason was because since the company went through a name change the business DSL department assumed we turned off the phone lines. Why the hell couldn’t they just call to confirm that was not the case.

In case your are wondering who they are see this report by the Colbert show on their identity problem.




Now the best answer to this question.
Get the fastest speed with the lowest cost and also remember who does their tech support. ATT/SBC/Yahoo support is out of India or somewhere over there. Time Warner is at least in the US and I hardly EVER have any problems. Plus the speed ROCKS compared to any DSL line you can get.

Now if you have Verizon in your area, then get their product called FIOS. It is a smokin fast Fiber Optic connection that is awesome. If you already have it can I come over?

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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