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Do you feel overwealmed with all the new Social Network tools for Realtors being pushed by everyone and there brother? Well don’t feel alone all this stuff in just a bunch of new wiz bang tools that might not help you at all or it might. Follow along as we go threw them.

First up is
I first heard about this little thing from Jeff Turner over at Real Estate Shows who created this little twitter/jott blog then Rudy from Sellsius also told me over skype and he did a review. There is also a blog post by Glenn Roberts at Inman here.

What is Jott?
Jott is a useful tool to send email or cell phone text messages to another person or groups of people by calling a special number and talking to an automated attendant.

Is it useful?
Yes it can be and it defenitely has some potential.

Will I use it?
Probably not much because?if I need to make a note or send an email I’ll use my Tablet with Onenote 2007 to take a note or I’ll just send an email. But I will play with it.

Do you need it?
Well its a tough call. Since this thing is free it could be useful. But if you use it to send email to your clients they will see advertising on the bottom of the email.

Next up is Twitter. Is Twitter useful for Realtors?
Glenn Roberts at Inman has Part 3 of the Social Networking for Realtors posted today here. He interviewed a Realtor in Roseville, Calif who is experimenting with Twitter. Their reason for trying it is to “try anything that can generate interest in a site”.
I get this thing but I don’t completely see the point. My customers are not signed up to my profile to follow me and I doubt any will. The other thing is I must be retarded because i cannot get my phone setup on my account so i can’t send txt messages to update my profile.

Will I use Twitter? I might leave it up there

Do you need it for your website?
Well….. I would first say no. If somebody lands on your website and they need to talk to you now they are going to call you. BUT, if the twitter widget is on the page and you actually update they will know where you are and maybe come find you (i doubt it).

There are tons more Social Networking sites, widgets, blah blah blah.
Here is a list of my stuff to look at if you want to.
www.mybloglog (Glenn’s article tipped me to this one) (Glenn also tipped this one also)

So many things too little time I’m going on overload. If I am that means Realtors / Agents are also. So when it comes to this I usually tell the person asking, only use it if can be a of use and not just to be the cool kid on the block.

Thats the only tools I am going to cover because I am having Technology Overload. Their is just so much new crap that with working all day and then writing a post and then, and then …… and oh hell I’m gonna go watch tv and turn my brain off.

Speaking of overload

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