Take good pictures of your listing & great use of a blog

When you taking pictures of real estate?of your listing how many pictures do you take and do you take good pictures? I don’t know what the requirements are for your MLS but a good rule of thumb would be 6.

1. Front of the House
2. Back of the House
3. Kitchen
4. Living Room
5. Master Bedroom
6. Master Bath

Now from a buyers perspective ( I will be buying again, I sold my house last year). Here is what I would like to see.

??? All of the Above – PLUS
7. The garage
8. The Second Bedroom
9. The Second Bedroom
10. The Third Bedroom
11. The Fourth Bedroom

I got the idea for this post from Jim the Realtor at www.bubbleinfo.com . This is a blog site and it is the best idea for a blog from a Realtor. He is marketing to all the people out there that think the bubble has burst or is about to. He talks about listings, the area, trends, and more.

His post tonight was titled : Get Good Help!

And the short post was:

Came home and checked the ‘hot sheet’ – the new listings since 3pm.

Of the ten new listings, seven had NO pictures.?

Three had pictures.? Here are the primary photos:

Go to his site and see the horrible pictures.
The primary photo of the first example listing was a picture of the empty back yard. The second listings picture was a descent picture of the front of the house and the third listings picture was a front picture 200 feet away. What a joke.

Moral of the story.

Buyers want to see the house – if they can’t see it online
why go look at it in person because it probably sucks
Cameras are cheap
Learn how to use them
Learn to upload the photos

If time is an issue call a photographer. I know of one (no it’s not me). Call me and I can pass on her info.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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