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Do you want to give readers a way to search properties directly from your blog? Matt over at Realivent has a plugin for that and all you need to do is supply the IDX link to the plugin and your on your way.

Now there is more than just plugging in your IDX link and be done. When you setup the plugin it will create a new Static Page. After you have set it up you will need to look at that page to see how it looks. If your it looks fine your good. But some IDX pages are not going to fit into your site. That is what I ran into with . The IDX link would show up on the home search page but the sidebars got in the way because of the width of the IDX link.

So here is what I did and this is for specifically for the K2 theme. I followed these instructions from Matt at Realivent here but instead of modifying ‘page.php’ I had to modify ‘single.php’ (thanks Matt).

Here is a screen shot to get the idea of what it looks like.


I am going to do a post about the company supplying this IDX link. They have some neat options that they supply with this package.

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