I have told everyone many times and I am telling you again

Determining the need for data recovery?

I was called out to a customer to come fix a computer. The problem with the computer is that Windows won’t boot. The computer is 6 months old. It seemed like the Windows installation was corrupted and would need to be reinstalled.



I showed up at the customer’s office today and find the computer in working order?!? One of the guys in the office said it just booted up and fixed itself. “Fixed itself?” I said. Impossible.

So I sit down and take a look and yes it has fixed itself, in the WORST POSSIBLE WAY. The computer went through the automatic restore procedure and completely reinstalled everything to the factory state.

Why is this the worst possible thing to happen? Because during the reinstall proceedure the hard drive was WIPED CLEAN. In other words all data saved on this computer was GONE, POOF, GO BYE BYE.

So what is it I tell everyone over and over again and I’m telling you again


Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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