Backup solutions for the Real Estate Agent

Yesterday I told you about the customer who lost all their data due to the hard drive being reformatted.

Many of you are asking “How should I backup My Data” and I am going to cover 3 easy ways to backup your data. There are many more options that I am not going to cover because the ways to do backups can be unlimited.

Method #1

Buy and External USB Hard Drive or Flash Memory Drive and copy your important documents to it. If you have a lot of data a 1gig flash drive is not going to give you enough room. I personally keep 2 500gig drives and each has the same data.

Method #2

Signup for a Mozy backup account.
5 bucks a month for unlimited amount of data to be backed up online.
You signup for an account and load a small program. From there the software askes you what you want to backup and then it takes care of the rest. The only problem is your interent connection will be sloooow while it does its first initial backup. After that everything is ok because it will only backup files you change/modify.

Method #3

If you have Windows XP and you have a CD Burner you already have a way to backup your data. Here is how you do it.

Step 1 –
Insert Blank CD into CD Drive

Step 2 –
A window will pop up that looks like this:

Select Open Writable CD folder.
If you don’t get this pop go to My Computer and Open “doubleclick” your CD burner drive (your drive letter will vary) and you will get the result.

Step 3 –

A window will open showing the contents of the drive letter that is your burner

Step 4 –
Drag and Drop any files you want to burn to this window

Step 5 –

On the top left of the window you have a selection to “Write these Files to CD”
Click on it

Step 6 –
The CD Writing Wizard now opens and asks you to name your CD, Call it whatever u want

Click Next

Step 7 –
When its done click finish
and now you have a copy of your files on a CD

This last method is a basic tutorial of how to burn with Windows XP. Your computer might have different prompts but they should be similar.


Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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