How to Setup an IDX search on your blog

Last week I talked about setting up an IDX link on your blog. David left a comment asking for more detailed instructions and here they are.

First you need to get the Home Search plugin from Matt at Realivent. After you download the file you will need to unzip the files and upload them to your wp-content/plugins directory on your wordpress installation. We will activate the plugin after we have create the custom page for our IDX Search.

Creating the Custom Page.
From your current theme you will need to find the file called page.php or single.php either of these files are for you single post/page viewing of your website. It will depend on your theme if it uses page.php or single.php. This file is used for when a post is viewed when someone clicks on the post to view it.

Open this file and get ready to edit it. If you don’t have any web design software like dreamweaver or something else open the file in notepad.

After you have opened the file you will need to do 2 things

Look for this line near the very top – “Template Name: whatever it says here”
Change it to – “Template Name: Page w/ No Sidebars”
Leave out the quotes

Now look for this line – “?php// get_sidebar(); ?>”
( i have left out the first page, choose the page to edit (should be home search or whatever you named it), then on the right you will see a dropdown box for templates. Select the template called ?Page W/ No Sidebars???.

Save the page. Now view it in your browswer?and marvel in your elite skills.

If you still need help send me an email or call me and I can do it for you for a small nominal fee.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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  1. dickson tn real estate | aaron on June 22, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    Tried this with no luck…is it even possible to have an IDX/MLS search on your website for free? I find a lot of questions, but very few answers.
    Thanks for your article by the way. I at least feel it has me looking in the right direction.

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