How to Sign a Real Estate Contract with a Tablet PC

Do you have a Tablet PC? Do you want to know how to how to sign your PDF Real Estate Froms with your Tablet? Well, follow along. If you don’t have a Tablet PC subscribe to my feed and stay tuned for an article on how to do electronic signatures.

I am going to cover 3?ways to sign a PDF document with your Tablet Stylus.

This first method is free with a catch. You will need to have MS Onenote. Onenote comes with most Tablets. This method is tested with Onenote 2007 but it should work with Onenote 2003 also. I don’t have Onenote 2003 anymore so I can’t test it.

Here is what you do:
Open the PDF file. You should already at least have Acrobat Reader on your computer. Now print the PDF to the Onenote Printer: File -> Print -> Send to Onenote Printer. After you do this the PDF will show up in Onenote and you can mark it up to your liking. After you have signed it in?Onenote you need to Print it back to a PDF file. If you have Acrobat Pro you will have the Adobe PDF printer as a printer selection. If not download PrimoPDF, its a free PDF printer that works with Vista. Presto, you now have a signed PDF. One problem I notice with this is that when you print it back to a PDF it shrinks the file a tad and then marks on the page the name of the notepad.

This second method is also free and works on Vista, and it should also work on XP but I am running Vista now and don’t have an XP Tablet to test with.

This method uses the Windows Journal Program. If you have not run it you will need to start it up so it installs the Journal Printer. To do this under Vista click “Start -> Run” and type jou and hit enter, this will open Windows Journal and ask you if you want to install the printer. To do this under XP you should have an icon for the program?on your programs menu run the program and it should also install the printer.

Once Windows Journal is ready, print your PDF to a Journal printer, sign the PDF in Windows Journal. We you are finished print it back from Journal to a PDF file using the PrimoPDF printer or the Adobe Acrobat Printer if you have the Pro version. Presto, a signed PDF file.

Last method.

Install PDF Annotator?. Open the PDF file, Sign it and save the file. You are done.
PDF Annotator is 50 bucks.

If you have a Mac I found this option at Web Worker Daily

One thing I will say for the above methods is find out if there can be any?legal implicactions. To avoid legal complications just print the PDF after signing.

There is also a company called VREO that sells a product that integrates with Winforms and enables signatures with Tablets. Their method involves some encryption and data storage on their end and has a monthly fee.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology


  1. sergio salazar on December 7, 2007 at 4:56 pm

    onenote works great. thank you for the article.

    I appreciate it.

  2. dana on February 5, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    the journal hint is perfect. thank you so much. i guess the print to onenote doesn’t work on vista 64-bit versions and i was having the hardest time figuring this out. you’ve made my life much easier now, AND saved some trees!

  3. Denise on February 12, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    Thank you so much!!! I’ve bought myself a tablet for just this purpose thinking the real estate programs that I use would support the technology. Of course not. This saves me so much time and hair (since I’m not pulling it out anymore).

  4. michelle on February 10, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    thank you so much for this article!! I purchased a tablet a few months ago and didn’t use it because I couldn’t afford to pay for a program to sign my documents. I had given up and today I thought I would research it again. Your link came up and it worked!! thanks!

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