Craigslist Users Removing Professionally Produced Real Estate Ads

Do you post your listings to craigslist? Bonnie over at Real Estate Snippets ran into a problem with her listings on craigslist and wrote about problems posting to craigslist.

This last week I added my listing to Craig’s List through my website interface.? ?I was VERY impressed by how easy the website system was and how they copied content from my website and put it on Craig’s List without any effort on my part.? About 12 hours later my e-mail received a notice that my listing had been deleted by other Craig’s List members.

This doesn’t suprise me at all. Craigslist was created as a community based classified listing site. It is meant for consumer to consumer sales not commercial sales.

Personally, I don’t see why anyone would advertise a home on craigslist. To me craigslist is for looking for good deals on used crap, not my next home. It probably depends on the listing maybe, I don’t think I would be finding 1million+ homes on CL.

Here is a quote from a commentor on her article.

Here is a quick tidbit about Craig’s List… If you read the Terms of Use for the site, it says that it will restrict any content from commercial sources. Furthermore, it puts your ‘commercial’ listing at the end of the page… And anyone who has ever used CL knows that the end of the page = death to listing.

Here is the original article link

Leave your thoughts. I am interested in your luck/success with ads on craigslist.

Loren Nason
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