What is this Title Rep Selling?

Let’s Play a game.

Your the latest contestant on:

What will my title rep sell me now!

Your goal is to look at this ad from a Title Rep in Orange County, CA. The ad appeared in a magazine called Riviera that is geard towards the ritzy areas of the SoCal Coast Community. The ad followed another ad for a Newport Real Estate Brokerage and the picture for that ad was just as flashy 😉 (do you want to see it?)

All personal info has been blacked out to protect the guilty. OH, AND AT LEAST BY HER EMAIL ADDRESS ITS SAYS SHE WORKS FOR YAHOO????

Title Rep Selling?

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  1. TitleRep on January 11, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    Man, my picture is pretty boring. I need some TitleRep Bling baby!

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