Mobile access to your Grandcentral

For those of you that are using Grandcentral they?have released a mobile interface to your account. They have not Announced it yet but TechCrunch has announced it here. You can access the site at and will only work on a mobile phone.

GrandCentral Mobile is a lightweight version of your normal account. All of the normal functionality is included. You can also access your address book and make basic ringing and greeting account changes. Voicemails are in MP3 format, so your phone will need to be able to play MP3s if you want to listen to them.

Michael at Techcrunch says that their interface provides a “visual voicemail” feel which is one of the touted features of the iPhone.

I don’t see how this can be called “visual voicemail” because all I see is an icon that represents an MP3 file that I can listen to. If this is what the iPhone is supposed to bring us they have lost the race, and if this is what “visual voicemail” is supposed to be then, BIG DEAL. In my opinion visual voicemail is when they will transcribe the voicemail to text.

For those that don’t know; Grandcentral is an feature-rich new web application that allows you to sign up to consolidate all your outstanding telephone numbers (work, home, cell) into that single number. When anyone calls your GrandCentral number, all three of your locations (work, home, cell) will ring simultaneously. Joel over at Future of Real Estate Marketing has a nice write up here on the virtues of Grandcentral. I use a similar service currently and when my contract is up I will switch from them to Grandcentral.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology


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