Keeping Notes – Onenote and Evernote for Realtors

Do you keep notes? Do you hate having to find those notes that you took? Well why don’t you start keeping those notes on your computer?

After writing my article of how to sign PDF’s with Onenote or Windows Journal I figure I might as well do an article on Onenote itself.

Microsoft Onenote came out around the time Office 2003 came out ( I can’t remember if they came together) but Onenote 2003 was being shipped with all Tablet PC’s.

What is Onenote?
Onenote is an easy-to-use note-taking and information-management program in the Microsoft Office System. Use OneNote to capture your thoughts and ideas in electronic notebooks, where you can easily organize, search, and share them.

Why is it useful?
Lets think about this for a second. Which would you rather have, sticky notes and sheets of paper all over you desk? Or, a nice clean electronic way to keep your notes in order? Well that should be a simple answer, use Onenote to keep?track of all your Real Estate related?notes and have them with you at all times (if you have a laptop)

How do you get it?
If you have a Tablet PC in should have at least Onenote 2003 on it. If you have bought Office 2007 it comes with it by default.

James Hsu over at Bloodhound Blog gave a nice writeup on uses for Realtors with Onenote -> here.

Also in the Comments Jim Kimmons from About.RealEstate?mentioned Evernote. Evernote is a non-microsoft product that competes with Onenote. Well maybe I shouldn’t say compete but maybe crushes MS when it comes to note taking. According to the Mobile Tech blogs I read they same the same thing. Evernote Rocks! Althought I don’t use it myself so I cannot say that myself. Check out Evernote here.

Now get back to your desk and clean up that mess.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology


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