Backup your Real Estate Blog

Everyone knows that I am always screaming “BACKUP YOUR DATA”

But do you backup your blog?

Here is a new service I found that does that for you. I don’t know how reliable it is or but it seems like something good to check out. This service is called Blog Backup Online?and they promise to backup blogs automatically on a daily basis.

I have signed up and the setup process seems fairly easy. You just create an account and then tell it the blog address to backup and away it goes.

This type of backup is not a full backup. What their service does (it seams) is to only backup posts. It doesn’t look like it will backup comments.

Overall this is a great free tool but I don’t see the need to pay for this service because it doesn’t do a complete full backup of your complete database and all files.

Remember to backup everything and keep multiple copies. Don’t do what Business 2.0 just did and loose their entire next isssue. See story at Bloodhound and Techcruch. When I read the news about Business 2.0 loosing the issue I did kinda laugh. I bet somewhere there is loosing their job

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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