Backup your Real Estate Blog – Update

Yesterday I put out a quick article about Blog Backup Online.

I mentioned that it did not backup comments and I was wrong on this one. Blog Backup Online does backup your comments along with your content. So if you still looking for a way to backup your blog without thinking about it I still recommend checking them out. And yes I will still keep mine running and see what else it can do as they improve upon the product.

Also a reader pointed out my atroucious spelling mistakes in the last article. So I doubled checked an she was absolutely correct. The last article had 4 spelling errors the link to TechCrunch was spelled wrong also, and if you include ‘kinda’ as a? spelling error then that makes the total 5.

I guess I need to stop relying on the spell checker from WordPress and do my articles with BlogJet or at least put the text into Word and spell check it then paste it back into the article box.

Anyways, I will never profess to be a spelling guru. My goal is to pass along information that I find that will help your Real Estate business.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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