Where are you spending your AdSense dollars?

I was doing my typical search the interwebs for anything interesting about real estate, real estate technology, real estate marketing, and I found this article at SEO Book

They featured a screenshot of a Made for Adsense website www.4spark.com (link removed). This website is all about adsense for South Park (the cartoon). The really funny thing about this is what also came up on the page.

The page had a Ad to a Realtors website. I wonder how much traffic he is getting from people seeing it at SEO Book and if he gets any “quality” leads.

See it here


I will admit I do not know how to make sure you PPC ads are NOT showing up on unrelated sites, but if you are running a PPC program I emplore you to look into it yourself and make sure you not showing up on sites like these.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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