Using Adsense Correctly for Your Real Estate Business

Yesterday I showed you that wonderful screen-shot of a Real Estate adsense ad displayed on a completely irrelevant site.

I also told you that I didn’t know how to avoid this problem and that you should look into how to avoid the problem if you are running adsense for your Real Estate Business.

Since I didn’t know how, Jim Kimmons from? Guide to Real Estate Business?stepped up to the plate and left a comment saying that he wrote some articles addressing this particular problem. I emailed him and asked for the links so I can post them here. Please read if you are running?a PPC advertising campaign.

This article is about specifically tuning your campaign with content match.

This is a link to the complete PPC tutorial.?

Also I have put on a new theme (its still a work in progress). Come to the site and check out the header images and tell me what you think.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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