Instant Message Widget for your Blog or Website

Do you IM?

How would you like to have visitors to your blog be able to directly chat with you on your preferred IM/chat client? I would.

Many of you are might be using Meebo. Meebo is a similar chat widget for your blog or website. What I didn’t like about it is that for me to receive messages from visitors using the Meebo widget on my blog I had to keep a browser window open on my computer running the Meebo website so I could chat directly with my visitors. Because of this I never used Meebo except for about 2 minutes and decided I didn’t like it.

This morning I was visiting another blog (unfortunately can’t remember which one) and they had a chat widget I hadn’t seen before. When I see new things I like to check them out and then tell you about it.

I’m glad I checked out this one because I LIKE this one. The widget is called Plugoo and you can find it here know, what a funky name).

When you setup a Plugoo account and then put the code on your website/blog it then enables you to chat directly through your chat client. They support Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Jabber. That’s all of the most popular chat clients.

Setup was simple.
Create an account at Plugoo. Verify your account. Setup your widget options. Save your options. Add the code to your blog/website. Then lastly add the? Plugoo Friend to your chat list (see screen-shot below)


Now when a visitor wants to chat with the Famous Loren?Nason of Your Local Tech and The Future of Real Estate Technology (ROTFLMAO!) use the widget and if I’m online I can chat with you. And whats great about this is, I don’t have to have a webpage open. I just need to be signed into MSN.

Come to the website and chat with me.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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