How to save as PDF from Office 2007

What's new in Microsoft Office Word 2007?

Do you need to create a PDF file and you don’t want to spend the money on purchasing Adobe Acrobat Pro? There are many competing PDF programs out there but if you have Office 2007 you don’t have to buy anything.

How do you make a PDF with Office 2007?

Simple, just visit this link and download the Office Add-in – Microsoft Save as PDF?. After you download the file, install it the program and now you can save a document or spreadsheet as a PDF. Oh, did I mention its free?

Here is a screen shot of the save feature.

Save As PDF

This worked great. The file saved as a PDF just fine and I was able to open it in Acrobat. Now you don’t have to buy a copy of Acrobat Standard or Professional or any other PDF creation tool. If you have Office 2007 you can create PDF’s for free.

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