Your clients don’t want to see your flashy technology

When you go to a listing presentation do you try to wow your potential client with a fancy Power Point slide show? Do you think your clients like all that fanciness?

Most likely the answer is no. Your potential listing is looking to find out how you will get their house sold, not how you will wow them with your fancy power point show. They also want to know you. In Real Estate you should very well know that this is a personal business and not just selling a product and leaving to the next sale (even though some consumers do believe that).

The reason why having a fancy presentation on the computer is not good is you are NOT making EYE CONTACT with your customer. When you presentation is on the computer your potential client is focues on your laptop and not on you. This could possibly turn them off to you and make them tune you out. This is something you do not want. You don’t want to loose them in your computer while you are speaking and them come to find out they didn’t here a word you just said.

When doing a listing presentation the only thing you should be showing your clients is your web presense. People trying to sell their house want to know that you are getting their listing out in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

One way that clients would like to see your use of technology is to have a laptop with internet access during an open house. Example: I walk into your open house and I don’t like the house; At that moment seize the opportunity and walk me over to the laptop and do an instant search for what I am?looking for and then send me on my way with directions. You have made an impression on me and I will most likely remember you because of your attentiveness.

For another excellent example of how having the flashy technology didn’t help him win the listing see this article I found when researching this article. Its on Active Rain from Broker Bryant “Look Me in the Eyes

Use technology to make you more efficient in your business process, not to WOW the client. The iPhone will not make you anymore efficient than a Treo or Windows Mobile phone.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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