Google is Buying Grandcentral

Techcrunch reported last night that Google is Buying Grandcentral.

What does this mean for your Real Estate Business?if you use their technology? Probably nothing at first but I am wondering if I really want Google handling my voicemail for me.

What will happen when somebody calls your Grandcentral number. When the person calls they are transfered to all your numbers until you answer. While the caller is on hold will the caller be forced to listen to an ad? Probably not but it could happen. Or maybe when you check your voicemail you get a relevant ad with on the webpage with the voicemail display. This could happen and I don’t know right know if this would bother me yet.

Now adverstising might not be even on their minds and Michael Arrington of Tech Crunch speculates:

I?m speculating on where Google will use GrandCentral, but the synergies with Gmail and GTalk are fairly obvious and could be the next step in Google?s competition with Skype and other instant messaging platforms.One possible good outcome of this purchase is that GrandCentral could remain permanently free

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