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When I first started this blog I wrote how to get email for your domain hosted for free. I wanted to bring this up again to show you a way to cut your Real Estate Technology costs and still use a professional email address. The original article is here – How to setup Google Apps for Your Domain

Why am I bringing this up again? Because using Google Apps for your Real Estate business is a great way to save money. You will save money on not having to pay for any email hosting solution. Another reason to have Google host your email is for the great job they do in filtering your email for spam.

Why do I tell people to use Google Apps? One reason is because many of you are using a free email solution (@yahoo, @hotmail,, etc…) and you SHOULD be using and using Google Apps will enable that and it is FREE.

If you are operating as a team and want to have multiple email address at the same domain name you can. When you use Google Apps for Your Domain you can as many email accounts as you need.

With Google Apps Premier ($50 per year per account) you can get 10gigs of email storage. You probably don’t need that much space but there are probably a few of you that would like this.

There are many other great reasons to use Google Apps for Domains but the best reason is cost especially if you are in a cost reduction mode this is defenitely a great solution.

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If you would like this done for you call me at 866-987-8324 and I can set the whole thing up for and then I can even remote control you computer to complete the setup that way you don’t have to hassle with it at all.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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