Are you sick of Outlook Express?

Many of you might be using?Outlook Express for your email. Why are you? For most of you that question is you probably just don’t know any better.

Outlook Express is not a recommended email program and it defenitely is not a program you want to use for your business.

Reasons Not to use Outlook Express:

Junk Mail Filtering is not that great and the options are limited.

Ability to associate multiple addresses with an account.

Outlook Express has been replaced by Windows Mail and
you can install it on XP. You can get it here Windows Mail.

What should you use?

My first suggestion is Outlook 2007. I suggest this because I am an Outlook Junkie and I keep everything in it. My Outlook connects to a hosted exchange server and keeps my mail, contacts, calender, task, and everything in between syncronized 3 computers and my phone also, if I don’t have access to any of my devices I can even use your computer and update anything and the changes replicate to all my devices. 1 more AWESOME reason is integrated RSS feeds. So all the blogs I read are in my email.

The next choice is to use Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a great email client and comes from the same team that brings you firefox. I personally cannot attest to how great it is but I have heard from a number of reputible sources that it is a great program.

I sort of recommend Windows Mail (linked above). It does look like a great improvement over Outlook Express but it doesn’t give me any warm fuzzy’s.

Loren Nason

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