Technology changes fast – either keep up or fall behind.

Almost every day I here the phrase:

” I don’t have time to learn about technology”

The?agents who make this statement spend hours running around doing tasks that could have been done in minutes using the technology they already have.?

I met with an agent today to go over how to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer. I spent 2 hours with the person trying to convey the nuances of where she put the files.?The problem wasn’t that she couldn’t copy the pictures to the computer, but instead?the problem was paying attention to where?she told the computer to put the pictures.?

If you just take a break and look around at what’s available to you and except the fact you need to invest some time monthly into training on technology you will make your business more productive and allow yourself to do what you are good at…. Selling Homes.

How do you go about learning how to use your computer? There are many ways.

1. Just sit in front of the computer and push buttons and learn what each one does.
2. Read a book. The “For Dummies” series is great. (I have bought them for myself)
3. Take a class
4. Hire a tutor
5. Don’t be afraid (fear is the biggest problem I run into)

I do have a program for those of you who would like personal one-on-one training where I can be on the phone with you and remote control your computer to talk and physically show you how to accomplish the task you would like to perform.

The most difficult problem with technology is that it is constantly changing and it is changing at a very phenomenal rate. If you don’t keep up, you WILL be left behind.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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