Marketing Real Estate with Text Messages

Marketing with Text Messages (SMS or whatever you like to call it is one of newest things out there to do.

I want to give you a little advice if you use this technology in your marketing plan.

DO NOT SEND OUT UNSOLICITED TEXT MESSAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I got an unsolicited text message telling me about an open house this weekend. I know who this person is and I will not name the guilty. He is subscribed to my blog through email but I asked his permission before signing him up. I will say he works at Century 21 Allstars in Norwalk. So if you are reading your emails — DO NOT SEND OUT SPAM TEXT MESSAGES.

Why should you not send out spam text messages?

Because not everyone has unlimited text messaging abilities and I get enough FREAKING SPAM in my email. I don’t need it coming directly to my phone.

If I want to know about an open house I will look it up on the internet not wait for a text message from you.

Know if you have the recipients permission then by all means go ahead and send the message, but DON’T over do it or you will piss off the person you send the messages to.


Loren Nason
Your Local Tech

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