Get the iPhone on T-mobile


Do you want an iPhone?

Do you hate AT&T?

Well go to the Apple store and buy an iPhone and then wait until the team at iPhonesimfree.comhas confirmed with that they can unlock an iPhone and you can then stick in your T-mobile SIM or maybe even stick in European SIM and have your iPhone fun.

Read the whole article here at Engadget

Again: we can confirm with 100% certainty that’s software solution completely SIM unlocks the iPhone, is restore-resistant, and should make the iPhone fully functional for users outside of the US. Read on for details and links to our video, and check out the gallery of images below.

If this program works where I can unlock an iPhone and then just put in my old sim without signing up to for a new 2 year contract I might consider getting an iPhone.

Loren Nason
Your Local Tech

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  1. JAH-MECKKA on October 8, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    I think this is great news. I am glad to hear that you can have a iphone with the tmoible service. I am goin out to get my iphone with my tmobile service as soon as possible.=]

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