Security Packages that your ISP provides are a waste of money

In SoCal Verizon is running a special ad for their DSL service. Their ads also talk about their Internet Security Suite. They advertise this product for 5.00 bucks a month. Many of you might think “hmmm, not a bad price to make sure I am protected”.

These packages are NOT worth your money!

What they are doing is giving you permission to install some software that will <sarcasm on> Protect your Computer <sarcasm off> but in reality all of these packages are a waste of your money because you can get the same protection from some free programs that work better than what any ISP can give you.

Also if you were to even go buy the same software from the store you would probably pay less than what they would charge you for 1 year of subscribing to their service.

What to get:

Use Microsoft Windows Defender.? I know some of you will say eeewww what crap? but Windows Defender does great to keep it clean. I am not saying use this to clean an infection but it works good enough to keep you clean most of the time. If you have an infected computer Windows Defender can help but will not clean all problems.

Use either AVG Free or Avast Free
I used to promote AVG Free but now I promote Avast. AVG still does a great job but it seems to slow a computer down when it is scanning a computer.


1. Turn on the Windows Firewall

2. By a Router to put between your computer and your DSL Modem or Cable Modem

This is all any normal person needs for a firewall. Some of you techs out there might say run Zone Alarm but for the standard user its overkill.

Thats it.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology
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