The Solar Sign Light at C.A.R. Expo in Anaheim, CA

This next product is not technology for your computer but is still technically real estate technology. Either way I thought it was a great product to talk about.

The Solar Sign Light is a light that you attach to the top of your listing’s sign post. Yes there are others out there that do the same thing but this one outshines the competition.

Here is a picture with Chris of Solar Sign Light and Myself.

solar sign light

The unit has two features that the competition does not have. There was only 1 other listing light vendor so if you were there you know who I am talking about.

The Solar Sign Light is of course Solar Powered. With solar power you don’t have to worry about changing batteries.

And the best feature is that it’s seems to be virtually indestructable compared to others. This light is mounted in a cast aluminum enclosure and Chris even demonstrated its durability by hitting it with a ballpeen hammer with a pretty good swing.

Some things to possibly consider with lights for your signs is HOA rules and asking if your seller wants the sign lit up. These two considerations were brought up at a Broker’s monthly meeting where I talk about technology.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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