Real Estate Broker 2.0 – or???

This post from Darin Persinger about Connect Realty being the self dubbed Real Estate 2.0 Company (I thought Redfin owns that trademark?)

After reading the post above I have no idea what makes them 2.0 except they use Zillow for valuation and Trulia for home search. To their defense I guess they are not officially out of BETA. I knew software could be beta but not a company as a whole.

Anyways if they truly are a tech focused virtual broker I would be interested to see what technologies they will use. I do believe 100% that it is a pointless waste of money for a real estate agent to have an office when all the technology exist to make your office virtual and maybe they have hit on the perfect package to make it happen on the brokerage level.

At first all I could think about their model is MLM, but I here that is also the KW way (thx Kevin). So the MLM model works but for how long? Maybe for a long time.

Found at Grow a Brain by Hanan Levin – Advise for Real Estate Agents

OK I’m done rambling.

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  1. Gainesville FL Real Estate on March 4, 2008 at 9:00 am

    This whole “2.0” nonsense is old, it originated back in the 90’s. By modern standards we should be in internet 5.0 y now at least. It’s an old cliche and we need to come up with a new buzzword.

  2. Mostly Monmouth Real Estate on March 16, 2008 at 7:07 am

    I am a Keller Williams agent and I just wanted to make a slight correction about Keller Williams being MLM. In my experience with MLM/Network marketing companies, the upline gets a percentage of the downlines sales. In Keller Williams that is not the case. The upline gets a percentate of the Company’s profit based on the downline’s sales. No money from the agents in the downline goes to the agents in the upline.

    Just wanted to clarify.


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