Do you Subscribe to Your Own FEED? Why You Should

The main reason to subscribe to your own blog is to see how your formatting on your blog posts looks in a Feed Reader. This way you can see what others are seeing and adjust your posting techniques to fix any formatting issues.

Another important reason is to watch for anything that shouldn’t be in your feed. A few weeks ago I had a customer call me up who was getting porn links in their blog posts. When you would look at the site and posts they were not there. This was caused by a bug in older versions of WordPress that allowed these links to be injected with out their knowledge.

A quick cleanup of the affected posts and upgrading WordPress to the newest version fixed the problem for now but it can happen again. So when the next update comes around do it within a reasonable amount of time. I would venture to say a weeks wait would be fine to find if any others had problems with the update.

Now that blogging is taking the world by storm and Real Estate agents are using them to grow their business you now have another program to keep updated.

If you are running WordPress Self Hosted (not using then you need to make sure your WordPress installation is up to date.

The easiest way to do this is to use the WordPress Automtic Upgrade Plugin

Loren Nason
Technology Coach

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  1. Overland Park Real Estate on April 19, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    Good points. Another thinkg I do is keep an HTML version of my blog feed on a page of my site using feedburner. This also allows me to check in to make sure everything is looking right on my feed.

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