Advertise on Trulia with Trulia Pro

Trulia today release Trulia Pro, a local advertising service for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, business and local service providers. Zillow also has a similar product called EZ ads.

The best part about Trulia Pro is that it offer unlimited impressions for the same $39 dollars a month or $29 if paid for a year in advance.

Joel over at Future of Real Estate Marketing has a great write up on Trulia Pro and makes a great point

…fortune will favor the early adopters – the more people piling into the mix later on means the fewer impressions go around. If you get in early, right now you can own a city – for a while at least.

This service is a great way to promote your blog. If I was an Agent I would jump on this in a heart beat. Why? because it’s cheap advertising to promote your blog.

Loren Nason
Your Local Tech

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