What is The Future of Real Estate Technology?

That is the ultimate question, but what is THE answer.

Contrary to popular belief, there will never be THE ultimate game changing device or program. Many out there claim this little doo-dad or whatchamacalit will be the Future of Real Estate Technology and how EVERY Real Estate Agent must have this tool. But that is not the case.

So, what IS the Future of Real Estate Technology?

The answer is YOU! The key to Technology is YOU!

To be on the cutting edge of technology you can’t just rely on what someone tells you is the best newest product. You have to take what many say about a product and then try it for yourself. I don’t mean just trying it for a day or a week, I mean really learn the product. Learn all the tricks and tips. See how others actually use the product. Don’t just buy it, try it and then declare it sucks. Learn it.

Now before you can start using cutting edge technology products you need to really learn how to use your computer. I’m not talking about how to turn it on and off and how to use the programs in a simple way. Really get into the computer, learn how to change settings in the Control Panel and for Mac learn where the settings menu is. Change settings, don’t change settings. Learn where the options menus are in programs. Learn the Names of the programs you are using. You are not Typing a document in Vista 98 or Internet Explorer, you are most likely using Microsoft Word (insert version here).

Here is another thing to learn/stop doing. When using the internet (either Internet Explorer of Firefox) learn where the address bar is. Typing the website you want to visit in the search box on your home page is NOT the same as typing the address into the address bar. There is a difference and sometimes it is important. Especially when someone is giving you a specific address to type, sometimes that specific address will not come up in a search. So, when you search for it, it will NOT be found.

There are many great books out the and the For Dummies series are great. I have actually bought myself the Power Point for Dummies so I could get up to speed.

To really be able to learn technology you have to take this phrase out of your vocabulary.
I CAN’T or IT’S TOO HARD. If you can’t stop using those phrases you will never become technology proficient.

Remember, The Future of Real Estate Technology is learning to use the technology tools that work best for you. If it’s a Mac of a PC it doesn’t matter. Use what works for you and really become a power user.

Loren Nason
Technology Coach

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