Facebook Pages for Real Estate

Have you been considering using Facebook for your business or Facebook Pages?

This week Dustin Luther hosted a roundtable about using Facebook Pages.
You can listen to the roundtable here:

Download also the chat log and read it. There is a some valuable information in there.


Also I suggest you visit the ongoing discussion at Dustin’s Blog and Mark Eckenrode’s blog

Mark Eckenrode – Home Stomper

Dustin Luther – 4 Realz

Brad Nix and Mark brought up some great points for not having a FB page.

From Brad Nix in the comments at Dustin’s post:

I was a panelist on the 4Realz call and I think I was the only skeptic of the group, although Reggie Nicolay seemed a bit reserved in his enthusiasm for Fan Pages. I look at it this way? having ?Friends? is more rewarding than having ?Fans? in real life – same goes for Facebook. The question is not should I be on Facebook as real estate agent, YOU SHOULD. But I don?t think you need a ?profile? and a ?page?. It?s confusing to the FB marketplace, I expect facebookies think along the lines? ?where should I get updates from Brad? his profile or his page? Isn?t he cocky asking me to be a fan when I?m already his friend! I sure don?t want to sign up for marketing spam.?

FB ?pages? seem to be better suited for Companies or perhaps Communities. Instead of starting a personal FB page about your real estate business, consider starting a FB page about your community, city or specific neighborhood? This seems like a better way to use Fan Pages, in my opinion.

Now it is possible that FB creates some new functionality that makes Fan Pages more attractive to real estate agents, but until then – I?ll just be kicking it with my ?friends?.

Stay Tuned for a feature that I can create for your facebook pages.

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  1. UnderOnePercent on August 26, 2009 at 3:53 am

    It is really a good sign for the market of Real Estate that Social Media like Facebook is also taking part in beneficial of Real Estate.

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