AVG is flagging iTunes as a Virus

AVG, one of the most popular anti-virus programs, is causing confusion today by wrongly identifying iTunes files as trojans. After updating its virus definitions, the anti-virus software finds up to 181 ?viruses? in iTunes: attempting to quarantine the files prevents iTunes from working. The supposed virus name is ?trojan horse small.bog?.

An extensive thread in the Apple discussion forums shows that AVG is giving a false positive: there?s no risk of trojans in iTunes, and quarantining the files will break your iTunes install. You can disable the alerts by creating an exception in AVG:

1. Open AVG

2. Go to Resident Shield -> Manage Exceptions -> Add Path

3. Add C:Program FilesiTunes and C:Program FilesiPod

AVG will no doubt correct the issue in their next definitions update.

What should you do if you already told AVG to quarantine or heal the problem?

If you have already borked your iTunes install you MIGHT be able to reverse the problem from AVG by telling it to restore the quarantined files.

Worst case you will probably have to re-install iTunes.

Story from: Mashable

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